Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Air Jordan CP.3 VI X

Today's Paul has been a new position in the league, he is no longer waiting for a public positive defender, and now the new "captain" has already started in Los Angeles belongs to their own new journey. The CP3 series also has a different product line, more mature technology support, and inherited the spirit of the design of the idea of ​​flying, so CP3 series is more full of fighting spirit. Now CP3.VI has officially landed the stadium, compared with the previous generation of shoes, the same and different points of the same obvious, the same low-speed appearance, different details presented, so that CP3.VI in the taste of the whole after a new positioning , This is likely to CP3 series since listing, feel the most outstanding one, this time Paul has a more worth looking forward to the new season and new boots.
Speed ​​sense has become the subject of CP3.VI highlights, and has been a great continuation, one of the molding of the upper cover material to CP3.VI more like from the future, in color and texture have a great Ascension.
If you remember the publication of the CP3.V for the introduction, then you will remember the author had its evaluation, a pair of tennis shoes look like the appearance of the new, and this time, CP3.VI return to our more familiar figure. CP3.VI with Hyperfuse similar to the hollow upper, this has a strong technological innovation of the upper, not only in the wearing experience has improved in the shape design, the same can be "teaching students" due to Hyperfuse uppers features , Hollow material design, so you can in this "sandwich" with the second layer of different colors with this design so that CP3.VI has a different visual effects, especially for Paul this highly personalized Players, a pair of shoes can be a variety of colors must be the most able to capture the hearts of fans.
CP3.VI in the details of the design, tongue with the current more common large area mesh material, and in order to ensure the tongue of the strong effect, in the middle of the tongue with a support belt, so CP3. VI tongue more attached to the foot surface, and in the tongue surface with a very joking design, with the form of a random mark for the wearer marked the identity of the sixth generation of boots. And in the top of the tongue with thermoplastic rubber material, the CP3's exclusive personal Logo to be decorated, so that the new captain Paul's stamped the top shoes. Compared to CP3.VI heel shape is too simple, somewhat similar to the shape of Air Jordan 2012 heel, but did not add any special decoration, had to make some sigh.
In the end of the design of the location of some people think of the older Air Jordan 13 shape feel, and turned outsole is very different, it is often said Air Jordan 13 has a spiritual cat's feet, and CP3.VI also this Feeling to continue, in accordance with the characteristics of the footsteps of the body of the characteristics of the adjustment on the shape of the foot force of the region were marked with different colors, although the use of similar fish bone outside the end of the pattern, but in the forefoot of the force area The color of the mark, this design had to let people began to miss Air Jordan 20 classic IPS cushioning system, which has been CP3 series has not changed a major feature.
CP3.VI is a pair of evolved so thoroughly shoes, in the parcel of the upgrade so that the pursuit of the speed of the shoes have a more solid play space, I believe that every pursuit of practical foot of the stadium players, want to make their own Shibu equipment refused to drag the water, CP3.VI is doing this.
The upper as the shoes of the skin, also played the responsibility for the escort of the feet, and as the skin permeability is necessary, CP3.VI using a high permeability of the upper, in the thickness of a certain reduction, and this At the same time, the upper support performance has also been weakened. Feet into the shoe warehouse, can clearly feel the effect of the package within the boots, using a half of the boots design CP3.VI, effectively improve the ultra-thin outer vamps of the stiff feet, and dense Of the cloth superimposed boots, also help to keep your feet "calm". Because CP3.VI with ultra-low to help the tongue design, so the shackles of the shackles of the same effect needs to be taken care of, six-hole shoelace design, may be some lack of sufficient binding foundation, so in the wear stability, you need The strength of the stronger shoelaces varies from person to person. Whether a pair of shoes "with the foot", it must pay attention to the configuration followed, although not as Jordan Fly Wade series is so for the ankle for a special care, but CP3.VI or in the heel with the more common Supporting the sponge pad, the difference is that the thickness of the pad has increased, and more paste the Achilles tendon of the body curve, so tighten the shoelaces, can clearly feel the heel with the shoes of a solid fit, This is a very practical package feel, so again and again the stadium flashing maneuvers more handy, dragging the water with the relaxation followed by a gone.
CP3 series of products and PODULON has become a logical hand in hand, this is different from the past in the end of the rubber so that more combat players feel its rapid, bid farewell to the air conditioning configuration of the guard boots still maintain a sense of foot , But in CP3.VI has been another upgrade, for the author, it is likely that the CP3 series so far, the foot of the most outstanding one, especially the forefoot of the flexibility to feel impressive, plus On the IPS inspired forefoot design, so that CP3.VI have a greater performance space. Emergency stop, get rid of, forefoot can quickly absorb the momentum, you can clearly feel the deformation of the forefoot material material, this material compression performance greatly help the feet to reduce the impact of pressure, and quickly back Let the player better prepare for the next duel. And then the palm of the performance is slightly mediocre, because there is no protruding soles of the design, the performance was not the forefoot is so obvious, but for a defender level players, with the forefinger fighting high frequency operations, will be far beyond all.
Speaking of CP3.VI technology components, it is indeed difficult to find it a very prominent bright spot, because the technology to contain each other as well as with a pair of pairs of shoes to debug the best combination, CP3.VI and not enough outstanding technology, but in Weight reduction, CP3.VI became the youngest member of the series of history.
CP3.VI biggest contribution than will once again CP3 series shoes weight limit refresh, a pair of sizes US9 CP3.VI weight, but eleven ounces, this ultra-light performance, but also benefit from each part of the weight loss contribution The The upper began to drift over Hyperfuse technology put on the body, more hollow area not only completed the internal and external ventilation needs of the shoes, the same weight to reduce the sandwich screen design will be more apparent appearance of the shoes, and also help to wear The feet enjoy a more lightweight experience. The midsole of the Podulon technology rubber, is a Phylon material based compression molding in the end of the cushioning material, especially the forefoot of the large area of ​​the use of Podulon material, greatly reducing the overall weight of the forefoot, and with the players Wearing habits, also reflects the full cushioning characteristics. The arch area is equipped with a hard material TPU support module, this common protection technology, once again become a flexible player's insurance equipment, effectively help the players to reduce the footsteps of a significant reversal of the damage caused. In order to let me more combat players to experience a new generation of CP3.VI, in the outsole with XDR rubber, this super wear-resistant rubber, greatly increased the field of combat life of the shoes, more effective to extend you and this Section CP3.VI cooperation period.

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