Thursday, October 3, 2013

Nike basketball shoes released a new LeBron 11

With the 1st 11 seasons among the league begin has won two gold medals,,2 championship rings and four MVP trophy LeBron James longing continue to be successful surrounded the game 's pace , constantly improve and establish their own glory Numeral eleven represents a fashionable beginning namely too means a brilliant modish vocation step.
LEBRON eleven because James distinctive manner of tailored both characteristics of either power and precision aboard the tribunal apt cater efficient protection because James . Which shoes are likewise for the moment the lightest pair of boots exclusive James , James brings superior protection for the same duration have quickly response and noted parcel.

The 1st debut of LeBron 11 includes 2 color , KING'S PRIDE AND TERRACOTTA WARRIOR color . Which TERRACOTTA WARRIOR terracotta elements use a lot of color apt mate James Warrior Spirit: bravery confidence , effort,, determination.

LEBRON 11 KING'S PRIDE aboard October 12 began the Global Offering ,, LEBRON eleven TERRACOTTA WARRIOR aboard October one among the Greater China region aboard November 27 surrounded North America and additional parts of the earth on bargain Friends who are interested please keep an eye aboard!

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